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About Us 田谷の洞窟保存実行委員会とは...


What is TAYA Cave Preservation Executive Committee? ​



     "TAYA Cave preservation executive committee" is an arbitrary organization aimed at preservation of digital data of cave of Taya. In the future we aim to convert into an NPO corporation. At the same time, environmental conservation is necessary to protect this underground cultural property. In cooperation with the area, it is an organization that considers the way of regional coexistence type cultural property for maintaining satoyama and rural scenery of rural neighborhood rural communities coexisting with underground cultural properties, and also promotes concrete action plan examination and implementation.

Beginning of preservation activity ​

保存活動のはじまり ~ 発起人挨拶 ~



 田谷の洞窟の管理者である「宗教法人 定泉寺」の許可を得て、ボランティアでこの保存活動を始めました。文化財の全くの素人が始めたこの保存活動は、協力してくれる専門家を探すのに約1年を経て、2017年に正式に「田谷の洞窟保存実行委員会」と言う任意団体を設立し、保存活動を本格的に始めました。




発起人 委員長

​田村 裕彦

     When you were a child, you would have had your parents take you to various tourist spots such as cultural properties and temples. However, you do not remember that visit very well, and if you become an adult and revisit the same place, you will encounter a completely different impression and impression. I think that everyone has such experiences. The beginning of this preservation activity was triggered by a reunion with "cave of Taya" in 2015. Once again, when seeing this underground cultural asset from a technological point of view, there are many wonders and emotions, and we had no choice but to pay respect to the people who worked hard to build this cave. I thought that I wanted more people to know "the cave of Taya", I wanted to leave this cave as one of a pride of the Taya area to the next generation, so I started this preservation activity.

      After obtaining the permission of the "religious corporation Josenji Temple" who is the administrator of Taya's cave, I started volunteering this preservation activity. This preservation activity started by a completely amateur of cultural properties required about a year to find experts who will cooperate. In 2017 formally established an arbitrary organization called "Taya's Cave Preservation Executive Committee" and started full-scale preservation activities.

      Currently, we have been able to continue preservation activities "simple honesty" "steadily" "quickly", with the cooperation of so many people, to private professional companies and university professors. Furthermore, while receiving cooperation from neighboring people, public elementary schools and prefectural high schools, this preservation activity is carried out by collaboration from multilayered people, from children to elderly people. Through this activity, I started as a regional cultural property preservation activity as an important community symbiosis flag project for actions valuable for "creating the region" and "raising people" to succeed the rich regional culture to the next generation.

Executive Committee for the Preservation of TAYA CAVERN

Committee chairperson

Yasuhiko  Tamura