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     "TAYA Cave" is a cave for quiet training in the middle of a small satoyama, a cultural asset called Yokohama City registered area historic site. This underground space cultural property as a place of training not only domestically but also worldwide is very rare. It can be said that it is more accurate to call a cave as an artificial tunnel that had been digging. This underground cultural heritage unparalleled is extremely interesting for civil engineering, with a total length of 570 m, three stories, 11 dome spaces. About 300 beautiful reliefs are engraved inside.

     From the civil engineering point of view, we can not help thinking that it is built using very advanced technology. No detailed engineering investigation has been carried out so far. Once again, considering this cave with a technical point of view, it is a huge civil engineering project that is worthy of respect for the people who has dug this cave, and we believe it is our valuable intellectual property.

     In Japan there are surprisingly many underground spaces such as gold and silver copper mines and entrance during wartime, but the TAYA cave is a quite unique use called "place of training", it has a complicated shape compared with others. It can be said that it is a rare cultural property with a long history, believed to have existed since the Kamakura period.

     Currently, it is clear that climate change is progressing. The inside of this TAYA cave is undergoing deterioration and weathering. The underground cultural assets of the world such as the Lascaux cave and the Altamira cave have been deteriorated and weathered, and now they are in a state where only researchers can enter. The final purpose of the Preservation Executive Committee of TAYA cave is to preserve digital data by laser scanning so as to inherit this valuable underground cultural asset to the next generation as much as possible in its present state.

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