Environmental Basic survey

Measurement of Diameter of all Trees



専門家・研究者・協力者・ボランティア ​募集中!!



  1. 樹種の把握

  2. 地被類の把握

  3. ​危険樹高の樹木の把握


Underground cultural properties such as Taya cave coexist with the satoyama environment on the ground. For this purpose, it is necessary to conduct a satoyama tree survey to understand satoyama vegetation. The survey items currently being planned are as follows.

  1. Understanding tree species

  2. Understanding ground cover

  3. Confirmation of dangerous heights trees

At present, we are preparing “Procurement of survey expenses” and “Survey of coverage and land registration”. This survey needs to be conducted during the season when there are no dangerous organisms, and the survey schedule has not been determined. We are looking for collaborators widely!

Now, we are looking for specialists, researchers, collaborators, and volunteers ! 
専門家・研究者・協力者・ボランティア ​募集中!!

--- Attention !! ---



In Typhoon No.15, in October 2019, a powerful north wind blows to the village of Taya, causing serious damage. In addition to trees, bamboo damage is also a major problem. If you have any information on processing methods, subsidies and donations, please contact us!


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