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2019年10月 台風15号 里山倒木被害


​Action for the fallen trees due to the Typhoon No.15. in 2019.


After Typhoon Satoyama View

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In Typhoon No.15, October 2019, a powerful north wind blows to the village of Taya, causing serious damage. In addition to trees, bamboo damage is also a major problem. If you have any information on processing methods, subsidies and donations, please contact us!

Satoyama View after Typhoon No. 15 in 2019. 2019年 台風15号による倒木の様子
Activities View 活動の様子




The strong north wind continued to blow. A number of giant trees fell in the satoyama just above the Taya cave. Fortunately, the cave was not damaged. If a giant tree directly above the cave collapses, there is a danger that the roots will be overturned and open a large hole in the cave.

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In order to build a work passage to the fallen tree position,We have pruned many trees.