History of TAYA Cave 田谷の洞窟の歴史って



     The cave of Taya is said to have been from the Kamakura period. In one theory, It is said that this cave is related with a SAMURAI , "Saburo Yoshihide ASAHINA" , who is the third son of "Yoshimori WADA" , who was the best warrior of the General "Yoritomo MINAMOTO". If this story is correct, it means that the cave of Taya exists since about 800 years before. However, it can not be said that it was the current form. It is not clarified where the oldest part is. Construction age has various opinions and is officially unknown.

     Also, the age of relief carved in the cave is thought to be more new. An inscription called "Bunkyu 2 years" is carved next to one of reliefs in the room of the Shikoku eighty-eight sacred place. It is thought that those reliefs are about 150 years ago because the second year of Bunkyu is the year 1862 AD.

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