Cultural Property Basic Research



(Cultural property survey activities)

協力・指導:鶴見大学文学部文化財学科 緒方准教授



Here, we would like to introduce the actual survey activities.

Visit by Tokyo Cultural Property Institute and Yokohama City (Cultural Property Division)


A conservation and restoration professional master from the Tokyo Research Institute for Cultural Properties and related specialist researchers visited Taya Cave and they gave guidance on basic research to us. In addition, people from the Yokohama City Board of Education Secretariat Lifelong Learning Cultural Property Division also visited to confirm the details of our preservation activities.

Tsurumi University Associate Professor Ogata Guidance/Survey
鶴見大 緒方准教授 指導・調査


Keisuke Ogata (associate professor), Department of Cultural Properties, Tsurumi University, gives us the guidance on how to take photographs and Edo art. We also cooperate with various surveys and preservation activities. (Note: Individual cooperation separate from Tsurumi University)

Survey by junior and senior high school volunteers


We are conducting a volunteer survey with junior high school and high school students. After the opening time in every Saturday, except rainy day, we conducted a digital camera photography survey of all the reliefs in the cave with these students. The inside of the cave was a very high humidity extremely small space, and depending on the location, it was necessary to shoot at an altitude of more than 2 m high. We worked together while solving the problem of shooting under severe conditions on site and solving them one by one.

Ultra-small space photography survey


There are many extremely narrow places, less than 1m from the camera lens to the relief. Nevertheless, since the relief is large, most of the reliefs do not allow us to look into the viewfinder of the camera even if we install the camera stand. It was very difficult to put the tripod of the camera in a position where the relief fits in the viewfinder.

High place Reliefs photography survey


There are several domed spaces inside the cave. Depending on the dome, there are numerous reliefs at a position exceeding 5.5 m. The floor is not horizontal, so it is a difficult task to adjust the level of high-altitude shooting equipment while shooting. Needless to say, it is impossible to look into the viewfinder of the camera. Lighting is also a very difficult task.

Relief shooting photography survey on water


There is a relief of a long 18 Rakan facing the water surface of the Otonashi River where the underground water in the cave has gathered. At this relief, we needed to enter the river with camera. We needed a shooting method where a tripod was set up in the river and people entered the river and illuminated it.

360 degree image shooting


​In dome space and ultra-small space, we are shooting with 360 degree camera. Ricoh Co., Ltd. cooperated in the shooting technology.

Similar cultural property survey


Fortunately, our preservation activity is supported by various experts. We confirm detailed explanations and materials about many similar cultural properties and underground spaces. We are conducting comparative studies with similar cultural properties and underground spaces both inside and outside Japan.