Regional Collaboration Activities 
Regional Output


for the people in the surrounding area of Taya Cave

Our achievement report session for residents around Taya Caves



Output to Region​​



We also hold events to make the TAYA cave and Josenji Temple more familiar places in the area. We are also trying to make cave conservation activities more widely known.


Link to Seminar to Regional People


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Seminar to Regional People​​



2017年度 地域報告会

2019-03-26 04.31.37.jpg



  • 田谷の洞窟保存活動の紹介

  • 洞内レリーフ記録撮影調査の考察


  • 地質工学基礎調査


  • 小大連携プロジェクト模型展示


  • ​洞内VR・3D画像展示




  • 手作りポトフの提供



  • 手作りハンバーガー販売

  • 手作り菓子・手作りクラフト 他の販売


社会福祉法人同愛会 リエゾン笠間

社会福祉法人訪問の家 サポートセンター径

  • 手芸品販売



A briefing session on conservation activities in FY2017 was held at the Senshu Center near the Taya Cave. Students from Saitama University reported on the basic survey on geotechnical engineering, and volunteer high school students reported on the consideration of the recording photographing survey on the Cultural Properties Basic Research.


  • Introduction of Taya cave preservation activity

  • Consideration of a cave relief photographing survey

Presentation by high school volunteers​

  • Geological engineering basic survey

Presentation by students of Saitama University Oguchi Lab​

Big topographical model

  • Cave VR ・ 3D image display

Center for Spatial Sciences, The University of Tokyo​

Ricoh Company, Ltd

[Joint Contents]

  • [Joint with public high schools]

Volunteer students of  Kanagawa Prefectural Kanai Public High School.

  • [Joint with employment support projects for persons with disabilities]

Social welfare corporation Liaison Kasama / Social welfare corporation HOUMON-NO-IE Support Center MICHI

  • [Joint with PTA of elemntary school]

CHIKU-CHIKU-Club of PTA of Senshu elementary school.


2018年度 地域報告会

2019-03-24 2018年度報告会講演写真.jpg
2019-03-24 2018年度報告会写真.jpg




  • 地下文化財と風土

  • 高湿度極小地下空間の写真撮影手法


  • 地質工学基礎調査




  • 小大連携プロジェクト模型展示


  • 保存活動パネル展示

  • ​洞内外3Dデータ活用例の展示



A report on conservation activities for FY2018 was held at the Senshu Center. We talked about the value of Taya cave, which is considered from international joint research with Italian national research institutes, and presented research activities by high school, university, and graduate students. Participants were interested in academic research reports and touched on the unusual surprises of Taya Cave.

In the hall outside the room, the big  topographical model and a cross section model of the cave, which were made by a sixth grader with university collaboration project, were exhibited. There were lively discussions of various types of regions by participants. We were able to share multi-layered valuable information on the region.

There was also interest in using 3D digital data.

[Presentation contents]

  • Underground cultural property and the climate and natural

  • Photographing method in "high humidity / minimal underground space"

  • Geological engineering basic survey

[Presentation contents]

  • Model display of a joint project between elementary school and university

  • Panel display of conservation activities

  • Exhibition of 3D data utilization examples of cave


2019年度 地域報告会






[2019年度 活動内容]

  • 地質工学基礎調査

  • TLS測量

  • SfM写真測量

  • 文化財基礎調査(レリーフ記録撮影調査)

  • 環境基礎調査

洞内生態調査・水質調査 着手

  • 日本地球惑星科学連合2019年大会 (JpGU2019大会@幕張メッセ)にて発表

  • 二国間共同研究(イタリア)

  • 小大連携プロジェクトが国土交通大臣賞受賞

  • 小大連携プロジェクト(地域災害被災立体マップ制作)実施

  • 10月台風15号倒木被害対策検討開始

  • 放竹林対策検討開始

  • 地域共生プロジェクト着手

Regarding the spread of the new coronavirus, which has been rampant in Japan since January 2020, Due to the news that some of the passengers who returned home by public transport from the large cruise ship Diamond Princess were reinfected, the local reporting meeting for FY2019 has been canceled or postponed.

We will consider holding it again when it is time to improve the situation.

[Activities in 2019]

  • Geological engineering basic survey

  • TLS survey

  • SfM photogrammetry

  • Cultural property basic survey (relief record photography survey)

  • Environmental Basic Survey
    Cave ecology survey / water quality survey

  • Bilateral joint research (Italy)

  • Award to Elementary School-University Collaboration Project by Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

  • Elementary school-university collaboration project (3D map production for disaster-affected areas)

  • October Typhoon No. 15 fallen tree damage study started

  • Consideration of bamboo forest measures started

  • Start regional co-existing project




2019-03-26 04.41.35.jpg


第1回 落語会


​(タウンニュース 掲載)


  • 保存活動パネル展示

  • 朝取り野菜直売(近隣農家協力)

  • 手作りパン・手作りクラフトの販売


社会福祉法人同愛会 リエゾン笠間

We invited a comic stories teller, Mr. Yanagiya Kosen, who is from Totsuka Ward, and held a rakugo-kai in the temple main hall.

​[Joint Events]

2018-10-31 11.38.43.jpg
2019-03-26 04.48.30.jpg


​第2回 落語会



  • 保存活動パネル展示

  • 朝取り野菜直売(近隣農家協力)

  • 手作りパン・手作りクラフトの販売


社会福祉法人同愛会 リエゾン笠間

  • 甘酒無料サービス

The second rakugo-kai was held. This time, we welcomed the Master, Katsura Yonehiro, from Osaka. Master Katsura is also a monk. The venue was wrapped in big laughter.

​[Joint Events]

2019-06-9 落語会様子.jpg


​第3回 落語会



  • 保存活動パネル展示

  • 朝取り野菜直売(近隣農家協力)

  • 手作りパンとカレーライス・手作りクラフトの販売


NPO法人 みちくさみち ぷらさんぬ


The 3rd Rakugokai was held at Seisenji Main Hall. This time, we invited again Master Yanagiya Kosen and his disciple. A laughter resounded in the cave, and it became a good rakugokai.

​[Joint Events]

  • Panel display of conservation activities

  • Sale of morning fresh vegetables

  • Sale of homemade bread and curry rice and homemade craft (by NPO corporation Michikusa Michi)

  • Amazake free service

  • Exhibit of the cave slice section model by the joint project between elementary school and university