About TAYA Cave 田谷の洞窟とは...

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横浜市栄区「真言宗大覚寺派 定泉寺」境内にある田谷山瑜伽洞「田谷の洞窟」は、鎌倉時代より存在すると言われる人工の横穴洞窟です。(築造年代は諸説あり正式には不明です。)全長約570m三層構造を成す、真言密教の修業の場として、“歴史の中の静寂な時間の流れ”を強く印象付ける横浜市登録地域史跡の一つです。


TAYA Cave locates in the precinct of "Shingon Sect Daikakuji Faction JOUSENJI Temple" , at Yokohama-city Sakae-ku, is an artificial sideway cave that exists from the Kamakura period (the 13th century). Construction age has various opinions and is officially unknown. It is one of the region historical properties registered by the Yokohama City. This cave has about 570 m length and 3 floors under a small mountain called TAYA Mountain.

This cave may give us strongly impress "the flow of silent time in history" as a place of study of Shingon Buddhism.

The interior is filled with so many chisel marks that the monks of Tsurugaoka 25  priest's residential quarters attached to a Buddhist temple had dug while singing Buddhist scriptures with one chisel.

There are about 300 beautiful relief works that can be considered to have been engraved on the large and small various domes and walls after the middle Edo period. It is popular in the name of "TAYA Cave", but it is an artificial underground space of huge digging unexpected in Japan.