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Regional Co-exiting Projects

Co-exiting with Regional Welfare

with egao project and Us.

Make donation return gifts in collaboration with community welfare ...


Co-existing with Regional Welfare
"egao project" と"田谷の洞窟保存実行委員会"の共同プロジェクト
Collaboration Project by "egao project" & The Executive Committee for the Preservation of TAYA CAVE

横浜市栄区の「egao project」と「田谷の洞窟保存実行委員会」の共同プロジェクトです。

"egao project" とは、「横浜市栄区にゆかりのあるアーティストやデザイナーと福祉事業所の共同作業による温かみと個性が溢れたオリジナル製品を生み出すプロジェクトです」(egao project ホームページより抜粋)



This is a joint project of the “egao project” in Sakae-ku, Yokohama and the “The Executive Committee for the Preservation of TAYA CAVE”. "egao project" is a project that creates an original product full of warmth and individuality through the joint work of artists and designers and welfare establishments related to Sakae Ward, Yokohama. (Excerpt from the egao project homepage) Several welfare establishments are working together. We launched this project with "NPO Michiku Michi" , which is one of member of egao project. We have created a symbiotic system with a main focus on welfare and employment support services for the disabled. (See "Conceptual diagram of welfare symbiosis")

Diagram of co-existing with welfare
Detail about "egao project" is HERE
egao project についてはこちらから
egao project-Logo.png
Detail about "Lincle project" is HERE
リンクル についてはこちらから
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